Ultimate Vintage Speakers Buying Guide – Things You Need To Consider

Posted by Lillian - June 17, 2016

If you love classy items for yourself or your house, your collection would be incomplete without vintage speakers. As modern sound systems are becoming more and more expensive by the day, some vintage lovers are reflating their love of music with vintage sets. They look classy and are much less expensive.

If you are the one who finds solace in the past and love the sounds made by the old stereo systems, you are at the right place. Yes, they do take in more power than the modern systems, but their sound is still unbeatable. The stylish old school looks of vintage sets are an eye catcher.

What are Vintage speakers?

Old sound systems that were once used by people for music applications can be called as vintage speakers. Today, for many of vintage collectors, these sets represent class, style and hobby.

Buying Guide

• Condition of the Set:

The most important factor to consider is the condition of the sets. If the sound system is in good condition, only then you should go ahead with it. Long years of neglect and misuse can render even the best systems unfit for use. Check the wooden material used for any cracks. Some sets also use foam, make sure that everything is in the right place before you buy the speaker.

If you are buying online, clearly analyze all the photos of the product from every angle. You should test the speakers at very high volumes, any errors or irregular sounds should be noted and sorted. Vintage collection is a risk. Make sure that you check all possible cases, where the condition of speakers can affect its performance.

• Sound quality (not just the output volume) of the vintage set

Sound quality is the next thing you should check for before buying vintage sets. Though sellers are supposed to conduct such tests, so that at a later stage the buyer cannot be held responsible for any error. Make sure that you conduct a thorough sound inspection at your end.

A well-built clean vintage system will give good sound. Vintage speakers were made for different genres of sounds. So they may sound different, but you should always check the sound quality. You should also compare speakers with other sets so that you have a good idea about the sound quality.

• Spares and Repairs

Parts availability and repairs should also be considered before you make a purchase. You do not want to purchase a model whose parts are obsolete. You should make sure that the set you are buying can be repaired. Speakers are a fragile piece of equipment. Therefore, you should take into account the parts availability and the repair options for the model you intend to buy. Vintage sound systems run on old technology and you may find it hard to get repaired.

• Selecting the right make

It may not seem important, but the built of the speakers can tell a lot about its life and durability. Purchasing a well-known brand means that they are poised to work well under all conditions. Though they might be expensive than the other sets, but a well-known brand is worth the buy.


If you are a vintage lover, vintage speakers will add feathers to your collection. Be sure you make the right choice by considering all the factors stated above before you buy a set. Whenever possible, you should inspect the sound system in person and make sure that you buy the best product.

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